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Healthly Eating Reminder

Just a quick reminder that all students need to bring in a nutritious lunch. No one is allowed off the premises to buy foods to eat at school. Sugary snacks and fizzy drinks are not allowed. Food/ non meat products can be heated in our microwave under the supervision of a teacher.

Junior students are asked to show the teacher that they have eaten their lunch before being allowed to play. Some students complain that they do not like their food, or they do not have to eat their sandwich crusts. Our policy is, given their age that we believe their lunch will have been prepared under parental supervision and therefore you have supplied them with foods they like to eat.

Please do not send your child in with experimental foods. Please send them to school with foods you know they can eat. Thank you. If you need any advice or guidance on what constitutes a healthy lunch, please ask. Please try to avoid foods high in sugar fat and salt content.

Students who do not eat regularly have been known to suffer from poor concentration.

Many thanks,

Paul Kelly

Head Teacher


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