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Student Fees

Phoenix Academy charge fees to all its students. However, the fees are considerably lower than other independent schools. The annual school fee is £2940 payable monthly at £245 per student. This monthly fee is due all year round including holidays. Siblings can receive a 10% discount. 

The PACE books are charged separately at £4 each and we invoice parents each half term according to their child’s need. Our ICT course for students on PACE’s 1085 or above costs £54 (one off registration fee). There are some extracurricular costs for trips etc, which we try to keep to a minimum.


ICCE certification

The ICCE board is an independent body that operates outside of Phoenix Academy. Our students eligible to commence this programme have to pay a one off registration fee (currently £150) and certificate fee (£35 per completion level). Their fees are subject to periodic review. Their costs can be found by viewing their website. We administer the ICCE programme on your child’s behalf and do not charge you extra for this administration; however, the ICCE costs do have to be met by the parent.

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