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Phoenix Academy can accept students at any time during the academic school year, subject to availability. Phoenix is open to every family in the community. We welcome children from all cultural, ethnic, religious and social groups, with and without disability. Phoenix Academy does not discriminate on the basis of gender, colour, nationality, or ethnic origin in its admission and educational policies.

Parents and prospective students are invited to pop in and visit the school at anytime. Subject to the school timetable we will endeavour to give you as much time as possible to view the school and ask any questions you may have about the education and life of the school.


The process for enrolment into the school requires that we receive a completed application form followed by carers/parents and their children attending an interview with the Head Teacher.

Once a student has become enrolled we will carry out a set of assessments to enable us to start a new student off at the exact stage of learning appropriate to their needs. This unique curriculum allows every child to do this. It also enables us to start an individual learning plan, allowing parents to see the stages we will expect their child to reach.


For younger children of reception age the learning process is different and therefore they will be joining with a class of their age group, to learn to read phonetics, to develop handwriting skills and learn to recognise numbers. The learning through the individualised system begins once they have mastered these skills.

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