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Healthy Eating

At Phoenix Academy, we believe it is essential to provide children with positive, healthy eating experiences in order to promote their wellbeing. We also encourage children to look at the long-term effects of a healthy and balanced diet. We respect the different dietary, cultural, and health needs of all our children. Phoenix Academy asks that all parents ensure that they provide a healthy, nutritionally balanced packed lunch for their child.

Availability of water

•   We have fresh drinking water and suitable cups readily available for children and staff at all times.

•   We have designated water breaks throughout the day.

•   We support the children in recognising that they need to drink water when they are thirsty, hot or tired, or feeling unwell.

Storage of lunch boxes

We have a designated storage area for lunch boxes.

Healthy lunchbox suggestions

Cost is always a factor and many parents do not want to experiment with food in case their child does not eat it and it then gets thrown away. At Phoenix Academy we do not allow children to throw their food away. Instead we allow parents to see from the contents of their child’s lunch box when brought home just what foods your child has enjoyed during the day.


A packed lunch should be nutritionally balanced. Children should be eating a minimum of five portions of fruit or vegetables each day. Parents should be advised that crisps and biscuits have no nutritional value. Eaten in excess can actually damage the health of your child.

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