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Our Ethos

At Phoenix Academy we aim to make learning fun, not only covering our students' academic education but also developing their self-esteem, social skills and moral values.

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Learning should be seen as an adventure that will last for the rest of our lives. We believe that students respond to praise and encouragement, flourishing in this kind of environment. A merit system is used to reward good behaviour rather than focusing on correcting negative behaviour.


Students are encouraged to set daily work goals and rewards are given for achieving these. We believe that students enjoy responsibility and the rewards that come with achieving; it helps them to feel like adults. While merits are given for good behaviour, any negative behaviour expressed by the students is dealt with by demerits, allowing parents to be involved with addressing any issues at hand.


Students are encouraged to respect and appreciate each other, and respect each other’s work space and work time. In our multicultural environment students learn to recognise and enjoy each other’s differences and similarities. Intolerance of any kind is not accepted from staff, students, or parents. A standard is set that will help the students to value and care for others.


We believe that it is vital to discover and develop the gifts of each student, so that they can grow in confidence through their achievements. Our curriculum is tailored towards the students’ individual development, rather than the class learning at the same academic level together.


As Christians, we believe that students reach their full potential through a personal relationship with God. The Christian faith pervades our attitude towards teaching, discipline, and care of all the students; however, students do not have to be followers of the Christian faith to attend the school. We use a God centred curriculum and seek to teach the students what is right and wrong within a moral framework.

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