Phoenix Academy accommodates students aged between 5-18 years and over and follows the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. 

The basic curriculum, which all students study, has five core subjects: Mathematics, English Grammar/Literature, Social Studies (Geography, History & British & European History) and Word Building. There is a controlled vocabulary which runs through all subjects so that every new word a child meets is clearly explained.

In the ACE curriculum, each subject is presented in workbooks called PACEs. PACEs are working documents which lead the students stage by stage through each subject. Students master the material at a speed consistent with their ability as they work in private workstations/offices within the Learning Centre (classroom). The knowledge in a PACE builds upon what the child has learned in the previous PACE. In this way he or she is constantly adding to a store of knowledge. PACEs allow children to progress steadily through the curriculum, building a firm base of understanding. Advancement to new material is not permitted until testing demonstrates that the student has thoroughly comprehended all the material contained in the previous PACE.

The Learning Centre develops responsibility, concentration, and self-control while the wisdom inherent in the PACE content develops truthfulness and unselfishness. All other extra curriculum lessons enrich and build on this solid foundation.


Biblical principles and concepts are interwoven into all aspects of the curriculum. Each student is taught from a Biblical perspective, developing critical thinking skills which enable them to discern what truly is “...the good and acceptable and perfect will of God”. Romans 12:2


While the foundation of learning at Phoenix Academy is the ACE programme, other activities build upon and complement the core curriculum studied in the Learning Centre.

Phoenix Academy uses the 'ABC's with ACE and Christi', for their phonics and reading scheme.

The Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) is a learning programme rather than a teaching one. It has been produced by Christians with advanced degrees in education and years of classroom experience. Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) has been used in British Christian schools for over thirty years.

The programme is reviewed and updated continuously, and its distinctive features are: biblical traditional values, academic excellence, diagnostic testing, individualised instruction, mastery-based learning, and reasoning skills.



The Students learn through setting daily goals and are challenged by marking their achievement. This key to learning allows the child to visualize and plan daily progress. This unique discipline of A.C.E. places responsibility and accountability on the student for learning, thus establishing a lifetime appreciation for goal setting and achievement.



Children receive an Academic Prescription that allows them to progress at their own level and rate of learning. Diagnostic Testing determines the specific requirements of each child, while the ACE material allows the supervisor to give personal and precise learning where necessary.



ACE provides each child with the opportunity to actually learn the material they are studying. Mastery learning is essential for educational success. Students do not move on to the new concept until they have demonstrated that they have adequately learned the immediate material.



The ACE curriculum presents 60 character traits of Jesus throughout the PACE material and presents role modeling that promotes Biblical integrity and Christ-like character. This, along with the practice and procedures, goal setting and routines, requires students to develop Godly character 24/7.

During the course of the day, students leave the Learning Centre for computing lessons, Readmaster program, science workshops, drama, art, speech lessons, choir, story times, assemblies, dance, citizenship lessons, PHSE lessons, and physical education. Some of these activities become options at age 14yrs, as the students focus on their ICCE accreditation and qualifications.


This is a software suite containing 4 programs; Readmaster, Typemaster, Math builder, and Word builder. These programs are designed to increase a student’s proficiency in reading and comprehension, typing, spelling, and basic arithmetic


Field trips give students a wider understanding of their heritage and the cultural values of world in which they live. Each year group has at least one outing per term.

Careers Advice

From year 9 independent careers advice is given to our students as they seek to discover the next steps they needed to pursue their future vocation or pathways to further education. There are often times we take the students to the careers and skills exhibitions, where they can find inspiration and advice as to where to go next.  

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