School Closure under Tier 4

31st December 2020

Dear Parents

Please find information regarding school closure, remote home working and COVID testing.


Yesterday the government announced a delayed reopening of schools in Tier 4. Our school is also within the borough of Enfield and due to high infection rates, they want primary and secondary schools to remain closed until 18th January 2021.

We want to return to normal as soon as possible and we will follow the advice givenand keep you informed of any changes. Hopefully, this full lockdown will not be for more than two weeks.


We will be distributing paces to you for home schooling with your child. A member of staff will contact your child on a daily basis, to ensure they receive learning and pastoral support.

If your child completes their work quickly, let us know and we can send home more work for them to do. Please encourage your child to use their goal card on a daily basis. This will be used when they are spoken to about their work and will need to be brought into school upon return.


The government have asked schools to ensure staff and students are negative for COVID upon reopening.

We are currently seeking advice and guidance as to how we will implement COVID testing upon reopening so more information on that will follow shortly.

In the meantime, if you are not showing any symptoms we would encourage you and your family to visit a rapid test centre. Scientists say that one in three carry the virus but show no symptoms. By knowing if you are positive or not, it can help reduce the spread.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we hope you have a peaceful New Year, speak soon

Paul Kelly

Head Teacher

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