Reopen to all students on Monday 8th March 2021

Dear Parents

Phoenix Academy will reopen to ALL students on Monday 8th March 2021


The Department of Education have advised that all staff and secondary age pupils

take a lateral flow test twice weekly to reduce the risk of transmitting the disease. If a

lateral flow test comes back as positive, please do not send your child into school,

instead, please seek and follow your GP’s advice or call 111. Thank you.

To support the DfE’s guidance for reopening, we would like you to take your child

every weekend for a lateral flow test. This would be counted as the first test. We will

then take the secondary age pupils to a local lateral flow test centre every

Wednesday morning. This will be counted as the second test. If two lateral flow tests

are carried out every week, we will be helping to protect each other and reduce the

spread of COVID 19.


Students will need to bring with them ALL their work, goal cards, reading materials

and paces into school on the first day back.

It is yet to be confirmed if our PE facilities will reopen but we will plan for it to happen

in some capacity, each Wednesday as usual.


None of the staff have received the vaccine therefore it is imperative that we

continue to follow the safety measures the school have in place:

- Wearing of face masks, for the staff and those over 11’s.

- Social distancing

- Washing of hands

- Isolate at home if anyone in your household shows symptoms of COVID 19 or

tests positive.

We are still in full lockdown and the reopening of schools is the first step for the

government to measure whether we can control the virus. Therefore, we must

continue to try to do all we can to minimize the risk of transmission.

If your child shows signs of any illness PLEASE KEEP THEM OFF SCHOOL and

seek the advice of your GP or call 111.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Paul Kelly, Head Teacher

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